Case Studies

We are a digital development agency that leverages technology to help social enterprises and non-profits scale their efforts. By building mobile apps, software, and websites we offer development solutions geared at solving their most pressing issues. We fulfill the needs for access, engagement, and impactful relationships between our clients and the communities they serve. If you need software, mobile applications, web development services, or campaigns related to you driving your mission forward — we can help! Please fill out the form below so we can learn more about your work and needs!

Boomer Tech

Carina Goetz

Director of Brand Management

Since Catalyst launched into this effort, “what we’ve seen is that we have not only grown our database, but we’ve actually kept them engaged and our open rates and clickthrough rates have been consistent, which is really encouraging and tells us that we’re reaching the right people and giving them content they’re highly interested in…


Angela Simpson

Marketing VP

Catalyst has definitely made that more of a priority in our organization to collect even more data from customers, really analyze their behavior some more, and to target the emails accordingly as we can without driving them crazy

Beauty Building

Victor Diaz

Director of eCommerce, Beauty-Building

Since 2017, Catalyst has helped Beauty-Building grow its ecommerce 53%, and it represents 23% of the company’s revenue. I have attributed those results to all the updates that have been made — most majorly in the email program.


Jennifer Larsen

Interactive Marketing Manager

Now thanks to Catalyst … we always come back to, does it drive the conversation.