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Boomer Tech

“Our email marketing program has been in existence for a few years now. But what we were noticing back in 2018 and at the start of 2019 is that our database growth was flat,” Carina said.

BoomerTech recognizes that email is a “huge driver of consumption, whether that’s going on BoomerTech or downloading our app or watching our videos. So we felt very invested in taking a look at why that was — why was our database flat and how could we change that,” she said.

The digital team was confident the first step in changing that was to actually let people know there was an email offering. BoomerTech didn’t really promote the email channel much before the summer of 2018, according to Carina.

Ultra Promotions

Ultra Promotions wanted to maximize the impact of its email communications by ditching the batch-and-blast system and adopting relevant, automated email series.

Previously, Simpson said, Ultra Promotions had “definitely more of a batch-and-blast approach. We didn’t have as much ability to segment as we do now. We also didn’t have as many automated programs.”

For her and her team, it came down to tending to the different needs of all of Ultra Promotions’s customers. “It made it difficult to address [those needs] with a one-shot kind of blanket promo approach. So for Ultra Promotions, we have a lot of different audience segments,” she said, adding that the primary customer segment is event planners.


Beauty-Building was mostly focused on offline retail. But in 2017, the marketing team began optimizing online shopping for its customers, with triggered emails based on behavior as the cornerstone of that shift.

Beauty-Building has three major business divisions, according to Victor Diaz, Director of eCommerce, Beauty-Building.

Diaz joined Beauty-Building in 2017 when the website was a secondary thought to the in-store retail business they automatically loaded any products that were entered into our inventory, and they sort of just went up for sale. Nobody was really managing, never mind even marketing the site.


The team at U-Store It  knew they were missing opportunities with customers using their business-first email program. They decided to tear it down to the studs and rebuild it as a customer-first email program.

U-Store It  has 1,400 storage facilities across the country. Those numbers translate into customers with a wide variety of needs and backgrounds.

“We are here to support people when they are going through life transitions. I know a lot of people look at the storage industry, and they say that it’s a bunch of empty garage space, but we don’t ever look at it that way,” said Jennifer Larsen, Interactive Marketing Manager, U-Store It.

Larsen explained that the customer base is unique in that the company doesn’t cater to one specific demographic. Internal data shows that storage facility customers share a commonality in that they are usually going through some kind of emotional life transition, like moving, marriage, divorce or the death of a loved one.