This past year, BoomerTech was able to increase the size of its subscriber database by 32%.

“Our email marketing program has been in existence for a few years now. But what we were noticing back in 2018 and at the start of 2019 is that our database growth was flat,” Carina said. 

BoomerTech recognizes that email is a “huge driver of consumption, whether that’s going on BoomerTech or downloading our app or watching our videos. So we felt very invested in taking a look at why that was — why was our database flat and how could we change that,” she said. 

The digital team was confident the first step in changing that was to actually let people know there was an email offering. BoomerTech didn’t really promote the email channel much before the summer of 2018, according to Carina. 

“One of the challenges that we had initially was that if you went to our site, you really couldn’t see [the email option] anywhere. You had to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page in order to see an email icon and know there was a newsletter,” she said. 

In order to increase the subscriber base, the digital team enacted a four-part approach: 

  • One-click registration within emails
  • Preference center that allows subscribers to customize interaction with the brand
  • Registration through Facebook
  • Light box registration on the website

They deployed these tactics with the goal of growing the database by 10%, initially. At this point, the digital team has been able to grow it 32% — more than tripling their original goal.

This past year alone, BoomerTech was able to increase the size of its subscriber database by 32%. 

Not only is the list growing, but Carina said customers are more engaged than ever, with BoomerTech email newsletters averaging a 40% open rate and a 60% clickthrough rate.

“Email is alive and well. People are highly interested in email. Not only are they highly interested in receiving it, but they’re actually consuming it,” she said. 

One of Catalyst’s biggest goals in addition to growing the database was to make sure that engagement metrics stayed high, she added, and that open rates, clickthrough rates, page views and video views consumption “was still at least at the level that we were before we started putting all these efforts into place.”

Since Catalyst launched into this effort, “what we’ve seen is that we have not only grown our database, but we’ve actually kept them engaged and our open rates and clickthrough rates have been consistent, which is really encouraging and tells us that we’re reaching the right people and giving them content they’re highly interested in,” Carina said.