Beauty-Building was mostly focused on offline retail. But in 2017, the marketing team began optimizing online shopping for its customers, with triggered emails based on behavior as the cornerstone of that shift. 

Beauty-Building has three major business divisions, according to Victor Diaz, Director of eCommerce, Beauty-Building. 

Diaz joined Beauty-Building in 2017 when the website was a secondary thought to the in-store retail business they automatically loaded any products that were entered into our inventory, and they sort of just went up for sale. Nobody was really managing, never mind even marketing the site.

In terms of email marketing, Diaz added, there was a lot of content being put out, but it also wasn’t really managed. 

“My position was basically brand-new to the company. They never really had anybody in charge. And so when it was presented to me, and I was looking at the opportunity, it was clear that there were a lot of different pieces that could be improved, he said. 

“It was clear Beauty-Building had a lot of potential, he said, with a very robust set of low-hanging fruit across all different channels and with email being one of the most important ones, in terms of our site and an ability to execute quickly.”

Catalyst was able to grow our ecommerce sales by 53% while starting three triggered campaigns to help reclaim cart browse and search abandoners.

Since 2017, Catalyst has helped Beauty-Building grow its ecommerce 53%, and it represents 23% of the company’s revenue. Diaz attributes those results to all the updates that have been made — most majorly in the email program. 

“One of our main takeaways was the recognition that timing and messaging matter as much as product and relevancy in our industry as it pertains to email,” he said. 

After realizing that there was a large performance gap between the blast emails, “which we considered to perform well above industry average,” and the triggered emails, there was no choice but to strive for growth. 

By launching the trigger campaigns, Castro and his team saw these results: 

Abandoned cart emails

  • 65% Open rate
  • 14% Clickthrough rate
  • A $16 RPE (Revenue Per Email)

Browse abandonment emails

  • 64% Open rate
  • 10% Clickthrough rate
  • A $6 RPE

Search abandonment emails

  • 57% Open rate
  • 10% CTR
  • $5 RPE

“Based on this experience, there is a lot of room for growth, and we are launching three more triggers, and we hope to have a total of 12 triggered campaigns by the end of 2018,” Diaz said.